Foreign Language Opportunities

Our School of Foreign Languages ​​serves our students in acquiring and developing foreign language knowledge and skills before and undergraduate. Structuring of the School of Foreign Languages ​​continues. Our School of Foreign Languages ​​consists of two units, the English Preparatory School and the Faculty Department, English Service Courses. Foreign language education activities in our school are carried out in accordance with the provisions of the Toros University Preparatory Education-Teaching and Examination Regulation, which will be prepared by the School of Foreign Languages. Education period in foreign language preparation programs is one year.
Basic Objectives of the Preparatory School;

1) To program the compulsory and elective courses opened in order to acquire and develop the foreign language skills they will need in the academic programs they enroll in the Toros University faculties and colleges and in their professional life after graduation, and apply.
2) A student who enrolls in a program with a preparatory class but fails in the Foreign Language Proficiency exam, prior to the undergraduate program, in order to gain the knowledge, skills and confidence that they may need in order to use their foreign language effectively both during their academic studies and business life and social environments. to provide annual foreign language education.

 3) Preparatory school is responsible for preparing and applying the Foreign Language Proficiency exams of our university. Our target;
1) To help students acquire the English proficiency required for undergraduate studies.
2) To help students become autonomous in language learning by using Information and Communication Technology (ICT) tools both in and outside the classroom.
3) By helping students to get to know global themes and topics closely, to help them increase their ability to comprehend global issues and to encourage them to express their opinions in English on these issues.

4) To help students acquire study skills through group assignments, projects and activities that are part of their various classroom & extra-classroom work.