In the last semester (8th semester) of the curriculum of all departments of the Faculty of Engineering of our university, the 'Applied Engineering Education Course' is applied in industry / industry. It is a new approach developed for graduate engineers who will spend their last semester, 8th semester in the industry, after completing their courses in engineering education by students studying in the departments of Computer and Software Engineering, Electrical-Electronics Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Civil Engineering. Intern engineering is not a 'sta'. It is about 4 months of uninterrupted (at least 70 working days) beyond the internship practice, working as an engineer in the industry and participating in the works personally. Since the academic year of 2016-2017, “İntörn Mühendislik” training has been carried out successfully in 4 departments and many of our graduates have started to work in the workplace of “İntörn Mühendislik”. Conditions for Being an Intern Student: Every student who completes the 7th (seven) semester in the education and training curricula of the departments of Toros University Faculty of Engineering and whose GPA is at least 2.00 is called 'Intern Student'. Attendance and Success Status: İntörn Mühendislik '' course covers one semester (seventy working days) education period and the compulsory attendance is 100% over the working day. At the end of the semester, in line with the opinion of the relevant representative of the workplace representative of the intern, the relevant advisor faculty member and / or lecturer is given within the framework of the 'Principles of Achieving the Intern Engineering Course' in the related articles of the Toros University Associate and Undergraduate Education Regulation . Achievement grade is considered to be successful from this course which receives at least CC. Workplace - Student Matching: Our university developed a web portal software to find workplaces for students, to monitor their educational processes and to determine their success levels in order to carry out Intörn Engineering education effectively and efficiently. Company / Institution registrations, student requests are received and announced to students on the portal named Toros University Industry / Sector Cooperation Center (TORSİM, Students can choose according to the quota of companies. Students' CVs are of great importance in the preferences of companies. If the company accepts the applications of the students who prefer them, the 'Company-Student Matching' process is completed and the students start the internship training.